Greetings from EBBA

On behalf of the European Brass Band Association (EBBA), it is my pleasure to welcome you all to the 36th European Brass Band Championship (EBBC) in Oslo.

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With high goals!

The Norwegian band, Eikanger-Bjørsvik musikklag, has made it their goal to win every contests the band participates in, including the European Championship.

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Norway welcomes the brass family

- The Norwegian Band Federation (NMF) is proud to host the EBBC 2013, says Suzette Paasche, the president of NMF. 11 brass bands prepare for one of the strongest competitions ever.

For the first time the European Brass Band Championships will be held in the capitol of Norway 27th April – 5th May.

- With 11 bands from 10 different countries, an exciting Conductors’ Competition, and not forgetting the European Youth Brass Band with 36 talented young musicians, we know the championships will make their mark on Oslo and Norway this week, says Paasche.

Bands of good quality

NMF consists of more than 1600 bands, of which 1/3 are brass bands. The brass band movement is particularly strong in the western part of Norway where the defending Norwegian Champion of 2013, Eikanger-Bjørsvik musikklag, is situated. The band will also represent Norway in the EBBC 2013.
- But the quality of the brass bands around Oslo is also impressive. Therefore, we are delighted to present Oslo Brass Band for you. The band became 3rd in the Norwegian Championships for brass bands this year, and they will be playing at the Final of Conductors Competition, says Geir Ulseth, the Head of Music in the NMF.

Live streaming

Although the NMF welcomes the whole brass band family to join the festivities in Oslo, the EBBC 2013 will also be streamed live on the Internet.
- For the first time in the EBBC history we did a live streaming from the championships in Stavanger back in 2008. We are happy to have made an agreement with TV 2 Sumo this year, one of the most popular websites in Norway. For more information, please visit TV 2 Sumo, tells Stig Ryland, the Head of Communications in the NMF.

The test piece

The Norwegian composer, Stig Nordhagen, has composed the test piece for this year. Nordhagen has his education as clarinet-player and composer from Norway and the Netherlands. He plays clarinet in The Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra in southern Norway. In addition to this he is active as composer and arranger. With many years of experience, and a solid background of 39 years with playing, teaching and writing music, Nordhagen is looking forward to hear his piece being interpreted in many different ways.


36 young musicians will meet for the first time when The European Youth Brass Band (EYBB) strikes up the EBBC 2013 in Oslo on 27th April. This is the EYBB’s third visit to Norway. The purpose of the EYBB is to bring together talented young musicians from all over Europe, and all 36 have been chosen by their respective countries on the basis of their talents and skills.
Also, for the first time EYBB will be led by a female conductor, Irene Anda. In 2006 she started studying “symphonic wind music conducting” with Professor Maurice Hamers at the music high school in Augsburg, Germany (now university). This year she also became second in the Elite division with “Musikforeningen Nidarholm” at the Norwegian Championships for wind bands in Norway.

The full schedule EBBC 2013

The Grand Gala Concert and Award Ceremony  

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